Meet the


Stephanie - Founder & chief fancy pants

Stephanie's baking started early in life, cracking eggs into mud and receiving a suitable spanking for it. Today she is a qualified Professional Chocolatier creating Artisanal Chocolates and confections. Her dedication and creativity finds its channel in bringing her customers delightful alternatives-to-the-ordinary to amaze their senses. Internationally recognized as one of South Africa's best chocolatiers.


From chasing chickens around the farm to canning food and baking traditional foods at home is what sparked my passion to persue my career in the culinary industry. Today I'm a caramel expert. I love working with vibrant colors. Coming from a family that is creative in the kitchen also encourages me to always be open minded, adventurous and willing to push the boundaries when it comes to experimenting with confectionery products.


Palisa hails from the mountains of Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. She does agriculture in her spare time. She loves adventure, traveling, cooking and not forgetting the willingness to learn and help other people. Working with chocolate was the most fascinating experience and she's definitely made the most of it.


It started with taking empty tins and putting in some soil and water. I would burn myself and try again, even if I didn't know what I was cooking. The passion of experimenting grew bigger, I then followed my mother to her kitchen where she would allow me to use her old metal cups to cook with on her precious stove. I'm a food lover and I also want people to enjoy all that I make. That is what drives my passion of making the best not only food but also the best chocolate.


Hello, my name is Maria, I'm originally from North West Brits, with a passion for food and creating beautiful things! Recently, I've joined the team here at Jackrabbit as a chocolatier. In the future, I'd like to follow my dream of running my own restaurant to secure a better future for my kids so that they can further their studies.


I am a culinary art and patisserie chef from the town of Kuruman. My journey started with being raised by my mother’s cooking which inspired me to not settle for anything less soothing to my palate. So much so that I enrolled at culinary school and chose to make this craft my profession. Leading to my journey of self-improvement, killing it in the hot kitchens of restaurants I was then swept away by my current employer (Stephanie) with prospects of a ‘sweet gig’. I now work happily and humbly making chocolates and overall having a ‘sweet life’.


I am a young, vibrant lady who was raised in a family of business. Growing up my mom was a business woman, and she would make me tag along as she was going to the shop. I would see her networking and selling and she would teach me how to manoeuvre around people. That drew my attention instantly and triggered my love for selling. I developed speaking and marketing skills and knew then that whatever I will do in life has to fall under sales and marketing.


Driven by a lifelong passion for knowledge and with diverse industry exposure, I've found my calling in the heart of a bustling chocolate factory. With a knack for optimizing processes and ensuring seamless operations, I play a vital role in streamlining orders and production. As a versatile team member, I lend a helping hand wherever needed, contributing to the smooth functioning of the factory. While I may not physically produce the chocolate, my dedication to excellence ensures that every step of the chocolate-making process is executed with precision and care.

When delivering orders

We are proud of each chocolate piece sold and delivered to our customers. They are each carefully created and require some special attention when being transported.

  • The chocolate bonbons are temperature sensitive and therefore cannot be exposed to heat.

  • We only do national deliveries when we are able to create a cool environment for our chocolates while they are being transported.

  • While our chocolates are placed into containers with the utmost care, we cannot determine how they will be handled once they leave our store.

  • Deliveries in Pretoria and Johannesburg are normally done by our team of chocolatiers and therefore a little more expensive.

You are always welcome to visit us in-store to collect orders.


Friends of Jack Rabbit

Our trusted colleagues, partners, collaborators and friends. We frequently work together, and so we have them listed here should you need additional fabulous items to give your function or event that extra something special!
Whisk Away Ice Cream
The WhiskAway team discovered a love for making ice creams and sorbets. Our range of luxury, artisan products are all handmade, and free from artificial additives. With our ice cream cart, we cater for all events including weddings, birthday parties, christenings, etc. Unique flavours, exclusivity and personal service are what WhiskAway is all about, as well as the desirable option of custom flavours on demand. More info here.
Lucky Bread Co
The coolest Catering for your next function, We use Lucky Bread for all of our catering needs! More info here.
Web, marketing & design
Seventh Season Creative
Seventh Season Creative is a design studio nestled in the suburbs of Pretoria. Even though our main gigs are websites and digital marketing, Jack Rabbit sometimes lets us design cool packaging for them. We like trees and pancakes (separately) and also coffee. More info here.
Event planning & styling
Konfetti Love
Konfetti Love was born in 2016 and specialises in bespoke event planning, decor styling and creative consulting. From beginning to end. From concept to finish. Konfetti Love pushes creative boundaries to create lasting impressions and turn your idea into something spectacular. More info here.
Custom lollipops & candy
The Lollipop League
The Lollipops League makes whimsical small batch candies and lollipops. Established in 2012 we now have a range of 30+ unique flavours that are as delicious as they are beautiful. We also love to collaborate with customers to make their own one a kind lollipops. More info here.
Custom gifting
Swank and Flair
Bespoke gift boxes for him, for her, for baby, for corporate and all occasions! With us your options are endless. Let’s work together to create the ultimate lasting impression. More info here.
Wine Pairing
The Tasting Room
The Tasting Room aims to bring the flavours and atmosphere of a tasting experience in the Cape’s finest vineyards to the heart of Pretoria. Enjoy a range of tasting flights - from the more traditional wine, cheese and olives to the unusual, such as chocolate, coffee and macarons. The Tasting Room embraces local suppliers and producers, big and small, while creating jobs and forging relationships between consumers and makers. More info here.