Dino Eggs 6 Punnet


Introducing our delightful Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Eggs – a whimsical and delicious treat that combines the wonder of prehistoric creatures with the rich, velvety taste of premium milk chocolate. Each set includes six meticulously crafted chocolate eggs, making them the perfect indulgence for chocolate enthusiasts and dinosaur lovers alike.

Inside each egg, you’ll discover a miniature surprise – a charming and detailed chocolate dinosaur figurine waiting to be unearthed. The smooth and creamy milk chocolate shell provides a satisfying crunch as you crack it open, revealing the hidden treasure within. It’s an exciting experience that brings joy to both kids and adults, making these dinosaur eggs a delightful addition to parties, celebrations, or simply a fun snack for any occasion.

This is a little Punnet of 6 Chocolate Eggies.

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